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SUSE Manager STSS Course


About This Course

This is the SUSE Manager STSS course. Traditional IT is being called upon to change. Agility is the watchword of the day as businesses transform their infrastructures to support rapid development and delivery, DevOps and emerging cloud and software-defined technologies. But with all that coming at them, IT is still often bogged down firefighting their traditional, heavily siloed IT infrastructure with traditional, siloed tools to make much progress. SUSE gives them the management tools they need to streamline Linux management across platform, hypervisor, distribution, and deployment boundaries…and to manage it all with a single toolset, a single set of skills, from a single console


By completing this course, you will have demonstrated an understanding of how SUSE Manager can reach across digital boundaries to manage Linux workloads no matter what they’re running on or where they’re deployed to. You will also understand how other SUSE product options contribute to preparing today’s IT to meet the challenge of digital and business transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browsers are supported?

Chrome is the recommended browser. If you have any issues, try using Chrome. Firefox is supported. Safari has some known issues and IE is not recommended.

I get a “500 error” when trying to access the course

The 500 error is almost always related to your browser. Close your browser and try using the Chrome browser to login and then access the course.