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SLE321v12 & v15 Deploying and Administering SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability


About This Course

This course is designed for existing Linux administrators who want to configure highly available services using SUSE Linux Enterprise HA. This course provides a foundation for deploying SAP on SLE HA.

This course teaches students to deploy and administer the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability product. It is applicable to both SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 High Availability and SUSE Linux Enterprise 12sp4 High Availability. Differences between the product versions are pointed out in the course.

The course introduces the product features and implementation planning for both on premise and the public cloud. A SUSE Linux Enterprise HA cluster is deployed and then applications and clustered storage are configured, tested and administered.

NOTE: This course cover both SLE15HA and SLE12SP4HA.


During this course you will learn to:

  • Plan and prepare to implement a SLE HA cluster
  • Install SLE HA and create a Corosync/Pacemaker cluster
  • Administer a cluster using Web and CLI tools
  • Configure node fencing using the BMCs and SBD
  • Cluster basic resources, such as IP addresses and services
  • Cluster storage in a cluster safe way
  • Configure the cluster behavior using constraints
  • Perform basic cluster troubleshooting


Students require a good knowledge of SLES15. Some familiarity with the basic concepts of clustering for HA would be useful but not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browsers are supported?

Chrome is the recommended browser. If you have any issues, try using Chrome. Firefox is supported. Safari has some known issues and IE is not recommended.

I get a “500 error” when trying to access the course

The 500 error is almost always related to your browser. Close your browser and try using the Chrome browser to login and then access the course.