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SUSE Sales Specialist - SUSE Cloud Application Platform


About This Course

This is the SUSE Cloud Application Platform training.


By consuming this courseware you will learn:

  • What the sales "story" is for each SUSE product or solution included in the courseware.
  • Background information that is relevant to the sale.
  • What the SUSE product or solution is and how it makes a difference.
  • Who to approach to begin this customer conversation
  • The SUSE Enablement tools and training you can use to prepare for having a customer conversation

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browsers are supported?

Chrome is the recommended browser. If you have any issues, try using Chrome. Firefox is supported. Safari has some known issues and IE is not recommended.

I get a “500 error” when trying to access the course

The 500 error is almost always related to your browser. Close your browser and try using the Chrome browser to login and then access the course.