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SUSE in the Clouds Intermediate Sales Course


About This Course

This is the SUSE in the Clouds Intermediate Sales training.

Everything you need to know to get started selling SUSE in the cloud.

The Cloud has become the de facto environment for where your customers want to run their workloads. No longer an experimental prioposition, cloud computing now enjoys a "cloud first" status for many workload types. Your customers are already using the cloud. Now the trick is to find out how and where to plug in to their cloud strategy to sell SUSE products and solutions. This course gives you a solid grounding on where cloud is today and how you can leverage its many opportunities to sell SUSE software.


In this course, attendees will learn the following:

  • The language of the cloud, with a glossary that helps you with the latest lingo.
  • The state of the cloud—where this industry stands today
  • A glimpse of the cloud market
  • Where your opportunities to sell here are
  • SUSE: what we’re doing in the cloud and what our strategy is there
  • How customers buy cloud services
  • Use cases for cloud
  • How support works in the cloud
  • Selling SAP in the cloud, which will be one of your biggest silver bullets this year
  • Selling with the big hyperscalers, like AWS, Azure and Google
  • And we’ll talk a bit about SUSE OpenStack Cloud and what’s happening with that product.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What web browsers are supported?

    Chrome is the recommended browser. If you have any issues, try using Chrome. Firefox is supported. Safari has some known issues and IE is not recommended.

    I get a “500 error” when trying to access the course

    The 500 error is almost always related to your browser. Close your browser and try using the Chrome browser to login and then access the course.